From June, 2017

Collaboration | Doing Life with Others

I filled an entire journal in the month before turning 24-years-old. I graduated from college exactly two years earlier, started a career, set it aside for graduate school, and then dropped out of school.

Cycling | Something in the Air

In the time between collecting cost estimates for my broken car air conditioner and deciding to hold off on getting it repaired immediately, I did something that I do quite well, I avoided making a decision.

Collaboration | Intro

As a child, I thought of life like a timeline, from a hospital room to a pinewood box in the ground. I logged a few more years of life and discovered it’s more like a series of circles. Year-long circles, daily circles, decade-size circles all looped and linked over and around each other, and encased…

Cycling | Intro

Fast Facts

What: I’m training for the Hotter ’N Hell Hundred, an endurance cycling race/ride.

Who: Dad is in on this gig, also. So, Dad and me.

When: We started training started in June. The race is the last weekend of August. (No, that’s not a responsible, well planned timeline.)

Where: North Texas.

Why: Because we didn’t finish it the first time.

Blog intro: Sometimes I go by Jo

My name is Elizabeth Joy Bethea but I’ve gone by Joy since I was three-days-old, after my aunt sent a note from Georgia to my parents in Oklahoma with the single sentence, “Name that child.”