4300 Miles of Road | Days 1-3


Half way through the middle of nothing. Also known as Kansas.

After 350 miles, Lizette pointed out that this place is literally flatter than a pancake. (She claims it’s scientific). MaryKelli is rhythmically banging her head against the back of her seat, adding a gentle whop whop whop beat to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. I’m just glad that we have AC.

Every hundred miles or so, we spot a bustling exit, complete with a gas station and a farm supply store or Sleep Inn. We jump out, listen to the guzzle of cash gas drain into our tank, and smile at strangers like we haven’t seen humans in hundreds of days.

Notes thus far:

We missed a turn in Arkansas, or maybe Missouri, and found a field of wildflowers just before a squall blew in.

SunflowerI forgot to make sleeping plans for our second and third nights—I’m a little scheduling challenged, yeah—but as always, good people came through for us and offered super comfy beds and couches.

Spent our first night with the Haugh family. Erin, David, and their ADORABLE children treated us to a stay in their cozy loft  with a full coffee and tea spread, then breakfast and a morning at the farmer’s market.

Mostly, we’ve bought a lot of flowers. After adopting an assortment of succulents from the market in Bolivar, Mo., we hit up the River Market in Kansas City with our personal KC guide (and absolute unicorn of a woman) Allyson Todd.

Spices KCBought more flowers, ate plates of Brazilian food, and roamed through stall of spices, teas, antiques, and veggies.

River Market produceTea KCWe crashed with a really awesome human, Logan, who graciously opened her home to us a couple hours before (refer to the note about my non-existent planning skills). She makes Kombucha, which is cool, and taught me a thing or two about chilling out. The next morning, Allyson told me that I do a really good Logan impersonation, and I was crazy flattered.

Girls KC.jpg

(Us with Allyson…and Logan being clever with the mirror selfie)

(Dear Logan, we’re still quoting lines from your stories on repeat. We laugh each time. Sorry for being such blatantly awe struck fans.)

Then, Kansas. Hundreds of miles of Kansas. (But, with the hope of Colorado in our hearts.)

Windmills KSCatch you guys soon!


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