4300 Miles of Road | Update from a Laundromat



After days of hiking and swimming in ice cold lakes, and several nights of car camping, my sister, MaryKelli sponsored our $4.75 showers this morning. #realfriendsdon’tletfriendslivedirty I am clean *Cue the doxology.* I’m catching up on work emails while the laundry runs, so it seems like the perfect time for a rambly update.

P.S. I asked MK to get a picture of my shirt (cause it’s one of my favoritest) but she skipped the shirt and got my sunburned smirk. Meh.

Laundromat 2.jpgFirst, let’s talk about my friend and our Colorado Spring host, Andrew. Out of 99 reasons that Andrew is a fantastic person and an even better friend, one is that he lives in great places, makes me belly laugh more than most, and is always willing to take me—or in this case, us—on interesting adventures. (Yes, that all only one reason.) In Colorado, we watched a thunder storm blow over Pikes Peak, the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, ate a lot of Mexican food, and saw the Garden of the Gods.

Andrew CS 2MK on PPLizette and Joy CSPikes Peak CSMountain Goat CSWe also played several hours of ping-pong. The good news is that my game is still pretty strong. The bad news is that Andrew’s game is stronger. All I have to say about that.

Next, we spent a day driving through Wyoming and listening to National Parks. Specifically, we listened to We Belong Together by National Parks about 352364354 times.
Oo-oo-ooh if you’ll be mine // Then oo-oo-ooh you and I // We belong here with the Great Tetons.

Bison GTMK + ZWe nabbed one of the last campsites in the Grand Teton National Park, learned everything there is to know about sharing camping areas with bears, and crashed for the night. We ate most of our food for breakfast the next morning.

(Note: Lizette usually rations our food with the compassion of a military officer but in this case she woke up very hungry. There is a lesson in this for the rest of us—even militant food ration-ers have soft spots.)BreakfastEggs.jpgBreakfast ConversationThat catches us up to two days ago. I’m perplexed that I can’t figure out how to set this post to a single column and my interest in blog posts is dwindling so fast.

Catch ya soon!

4300 Miles of Road | Days 1 – 3




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