Joy Us

An intriguing pattern I often see is that the elements that create a colorful, wholehearted life are also the most understated, unglamorous, and familiar. Discipline and perseverance. Inner peace and solitude. Clearly defined values. Commitment. Deep friendships. Resting. Noticing—sights, smells, sounds, facial expressions. Empathy and imagination. Simply taking the first step of action.

In the life I’ve lived so far, I’ve done some stuff. I lived on a river near the Amazon, I built a three story tree fort with a rusty gong at the entry, and I graduated from college. I trained a Thoroughbred race horse, I traveled for weeks from the Deep South to the far north east corner of the States on busses for a hundred and fifty bucks, and I peaked a rock face that seemed too hard to climb.

Over the process of completing each of these things—in the time between starting and finishing—my thinking changed. In the beginning I merely wanted to accomplish The End Goal but what mattered in the end was the change and growth that happened in between.

This is a space for thinking about our thinking, learning to take action, and accepting the gift of rest. My gift to you: candid, gritty snap shots of the unglamorous, understated stuff that, I’m discovering, are completely necessary and worthwhile elements of wholehearted living. My request of you: remember that I, too, am human. Very human.