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As a kid—who used more question marks than periods—I got the idea that it’s far more interesting to ask good questions than to know all the correct answers. As I grew up, this morphed into a bona fide life philosophy.

Despite being born during a Midwestern flash flood, and having a natural affinity for beanies that rivals any West Coast hipster, I slowly migrated southeast, collecting home addresses in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and again in Mississippi. You can bet that I have more questions than answers for that puzzle.

I don’t exactly know what I will do when I grow up—the details are pending—but regardless of my current or final job description, I’m committed to being an engaging writer, a curious human, and a wholehearted friend.

MaryKelli — Visual & Design

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She is largely responsible for the current Pom Pom trends, and regularly upsets the curve regarding anything creative and visual. It was from MaryKelli that I learned to appreciate my own sense of creativity. She’s a couple years my junior and a couple inches shorter, but she’s way ahead of me in life.

She’s the doer, between the two of us. While I wonder about processes and ideas and the reasons why, she bluntly says, “I want to become a person who can do….” And I like that because, gosh, every skillful procrastinator needs a person who draws lines through To Do lists like a Greater Roadrunner bird.

I like her. Dogs like her. Babies like her. You, also, will like her.